It's not often that you see a new patient who remembers that you treated her mother for breast cancer seven years ago but that is exactly what happened with Claudia Weitinger. I was touched that she remembered my name years later and chose The Sugar Land Cancer Center for her own care.

Ms. Weitinger had seen her mother successfully beat breast cancer in 2012 and she herself has overcome left breast cancer over 20 years ago. These experiences helped her keep a positive perspective when she learned that routine mammogram found a new lesion in her right breast. Fortunately, the cancer was small enough for a lumpectomy and she did not need chemotherapy. Today, she completed postop breast irradiation, marking her second "anniversary" of beating breast cancer.

There really are no words to describe the energy and humor of this 76 years young woman who came in as a patient but leaves as a friend. We all enjoyed our daily ab work-out when Ms. Weitinger was in the building as she could make anyone laugh with her light hearted attitude towards life. We are honored to have been a small part of this mother daughter journey and am sure Ms. Weitinger's mother, who passed away in her 90s, is cheering her on from heaven.