Some patients have problems with thick mucus or phlegm, which can make them uncomfortable. If you are experiencing this side effect, here are a few tips:

  • Drinking club soda or hot tea with lemon, or sucking on sugar-free sour lemon drops may help break up mucus
  • Increase your fluid intake to 8-12 cups per day to help loosen phlegm
  • Mucus builds up during the night, which may make you feel nauseated in the morning. Clear your mouth and throat before breakfast so that you'll feel more like eating.

Sometimes milk may increase mucus production; however, some studies have shown that the fat content of the milk is the problem. Try making shakes or Instant Breakfast type drinks with non-fat milk to see if that helps.

If milk is still a problem and you need to use nutritional supplements, try clear liquid supplements such as Boost Breeze or Enlive.